Beyond Classroom

Diverse Learning Experiences

We provide abundant learning opportunities beyond the classroom, both locally and globally, to enhance students’ learning.  Our signature event, namely Uni Tour, allows students to make their way to visit the top universities in the UK. The process of figuring out which university best fits their needs is an overwhelming but critical task. Uni Tour transforms this experience into an enriching and fun summer adventure, in which students can join campus tours, meet with admission representatives and collect information about various universities, facilities and study programmes.

Entrepreneurship Inspiration

We aim to shape students into creative and innovative entrepreneurs. We offer workshops and activities which enrich students’ life experiences and polish their design-thinking skills. A-School has been cooperating with University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) to conduct an entrepreneur programme for students. Through the programme, students will learn about innovation and entrepreneurship, market research, financial analysis, financial valuation, corporate management and other professional skills. They will also learn to create simulation companies in groups by conducting research, roadshows, and other start-up tasks and they have opportunities to communicate with local entrepreneurs and innovation specialists. We continuously keep abreast of new trends to expand student’s learning opportunities, enhance students’ competitiveness and promote whole-person development.

Career Immersion

We aim to connect students with employers in the real-world work setting, leading them out of the classrooms in order to expand their knowledge and gain a wider perspective of the industry. Through these immersion experiences, students will be able to know about different careers and understand the expectation from employers, enhance generic skills, and develop workplace etiquette and values which enable them to adapt to society and hence ultimately get well prepared for their careers in life.