Admission Coaching

A-School aims to help students define their educational goals, make informed decisions, maximise their options and prepare for admission to prestige universities around the globe.

We adopt the Three A’s Model (Application, Admission & Acceptance) to provide support for students at different stages based on their needs and ambitions. Further professional support is also available to outstanding students in applying to top notched universities in the world.

THREE A’s Model

Stage 1 Application

We provide students with an overview of further studies in local and overseas institutions, highlight important notes in making successful applications as well as prepare students to make suitable programme choices. Seminars and workshops will be arranged to all senior students by Further Studies Team. Heads-up sessions will also be arranged through Collegelink to keep students posted of upcoming events.

Stage 2 Admission

We let students go through the details of different admission requirements, and equip them to make a successful application. We encourage students to aim high and broad with holistic planning. Individualised admission coaching by our Further Study team teachers and our Senior Consultant in Further Studies are available to offer advice according to students’ individual needs.

Stage 3 Acceptance

We maximise students’ chances of acceptance by providing individual consultation and training. Special trainings, such as personal statement workshops, admission test preparation and interview skills training will be arranged. Potential runners for top-notched universities, including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will be offered exceptional trainings for their acceptance.